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MONDAY AUGUST .10 10:35PM  "Posted By Glitch"
3Dfiles Closing...
Good Bye to a long time staple in my online life will be shutting its virual doors forever.Go there for a word from Tim on why the closure.

SUNDAY AUGUST .09 10:35PM  "Posted By Glitch"
Were Back...
Holy freaking long time Batman!!!  Immmmmmmmmmm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! This is a hold  ya over kinda post. Im in the process of updating somethings and giving the site a "MUCH NEEDED" facial ...( Dont even go there!) As you can see the site is going to have a new name. Kinda kewl, kinda not. I really dont give a ish. I like it better then Glitchs house.